An important game week began at Racecourse for Colombo with a must win situation to make to the final week. While bottom the table Blue Eagles SC had intentions of spoiling the hopes for the Lions. This was the first game for 2022 as both teams planned to begin the year with a win.

Colombo left off for a good start taking early chances. In the other hand Blue Eagles looked organized playing a far better game. Eagles are known for the high press, did put on pressure over the Lions.

Colombo’s opener came through Skipper Momas Seka who sliced passed the keeper, putting us 1-0 at Half time

Colombo Lions looked to dominate the game in the 2nd Half and succeeded having the 2nd goal with Aakib scoring 4 in 4.

At Full-time, Colombo secured a comfortable win over Airmen.