Sri Lanka’s Football community are been announced with new partnership between Colombo Football Club and World Football Freestyle Association.

WFFA is current global governing body for Football Freestyle. Since their inception back in 2017, WFFA’s goal has been to nurture and develop the sport.

Sri Lanka now will become the 115 country to join this network and will be eligible to enter into all events conducted by WFFA including WFF Championships, WFF League.

The new incorporation of Sri Lanka is a product of the agreement between the WFFA and
Colombo FC, the country’s most successful football club in the last decade. Local Freestyle Football star and club player Niran Kanishka becoming the WFFA Country Leader,
servicing the Sri Lankan community and ensuring the development of the sport across the nation.

Colombo FC will be planning to introduce new programs under the new partnership to Sri Lankans soon