Power Hour is the latest venture introduced by Colombo Football Club to the general public. This is the first time in Sri Lankan Football history that a top club has focused into fitness industry at a glance which is growing market in the country.

Football in the modern era has new areas in focus, unlike technique and skills. Fitness and Conditioning are closely worked in from grass root to professional level of footballers. Power Hour will mainly focus in building muscle, speed training, plyometrics, HIIT and much more.

In addition, a personal monitory of your fitness status, meal plans and pro tips will be provided while the program.

This program is conducted by Quraib Kareem, a CPD certificate holder in Fitness Training who is also the Club’s Fitness Coach. Quraib is specialized in work outs based on modern day football.

Lessons will be on zoom based class during the week days both morning and evening and those who are interested can contact us for reservations on 076 202 4311